Sunday, May 9, 2010

For all the mamas!

I'll seize any chance for a topical post and with today being Mothers Day I'm bring two jams for all the madres. Patriarchal society? Nah, lets celebrate all the matriarchs because it's from them we learn to be loving, strong, good people.

John as a boy with his mummy Julia.

First up is the gut wrenchingly regretful "Mother" by John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. It's no secret that John struggled with the loss of his mother and often channeled his inner conflict through his music: this song being the most confrontational and honest. The elegiac nature of this song is enough to make anyone want to go give their mother, and/or father, a big hug.

Next up is a tune written by Curtis Mayfield that applies the old adage "Mother knows best" to a slow and smooooth pop number. Jan Bradley had a slew of releases on Chess, although I think due to contractual restrictions was only able to work with Curtis for a handful of singles. She now resides in Chicago and is a mother and grandmother. Much respect to strong women like Jan.

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