Sunday, May 30, 2010

Should I pass on by?

In approximately three weeks I will be embarking on a trip to the big bad and mighty city of New Orleans. Last year I made a sort of pilgrimage to Memphis and it turned out to be a highly influential and inspirational trip, ultimately changing the way I contextualize my country's history in the present. I learned to stop looking at history, and monumental historical events, as an abstract thing far removed from the present world I live in and started to understand the history (I'm defining history as all encompassing here and not just limited to important moments in time that shaped our nation) as a constant thing that is simultaneously in the past as well as existing in the present. Does that make sense? Probably not but It does to me. Enough with the philosophical digression--I'm going to fucking New Orleans and I'm stoked. I plan to dig for records, eat everything in sight (excluding mutant BP-seafood) and absorb every little bit of the culture, both "touristy" and "authentic," as I possibly can. I hope the trip is as monumental as my Memphis trip.

In honor of my upcoming trip I bring you a delicious little treat by one of NoLA's most profound characters: Eddie Bo aka Edwin Bocage. I absolutely love this tune for it's sweet composition and Inell's desperate vocal performance. She absolutely kills it on this one. And tell me you're not losing it when the organ subtly comes in at around 1:28 and just kind of dances around for the remainder of the song. Stellar track. In an interview with Eddie Bo from Issue 08 of Wax Poetics he is quoted as saying, "But this girl was dangerous, Inell Young. I didn't find out what she was doing until late, late in the game. I didn't know. She drugged herself out. I had no idea. She passed on before James." One gets the idea that her talent was certainly never fully realized but we can catch a glimpse at her soul and where it may have lead her with this track.


  1. I just found your blog the other day and now I'm digging through your older posts - lots of great stuff, this one in particular.

  2. Just saw this comment. Thank you, I'm glad you dig this tune since it's one of my favorites. Such a heartbreaking song.