Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crescents - "That's All She Left Me" & "Here You Come Again"

I'm sitting here at my desk finishing the last bit of coffee and writing this post while simultaneously putting off all of the Christmas shopping I need to accomplish today. You may ask why I'm torturing myself in this manner. Well, the record I'm posting is just too good to hold onto any longer. It's also kind of a mystery to me so I'm hoping to gain some information from y'all.

This is obviously a New Orleans record: it's on Watch, both songs are written by Earl King, both songs are arranged by Big Wardell, and the group is call Crescents. I want to know if this is the same group that released a record on Seven B, my instincts tell me it is. However I can't seem to find any information on them. Regardless both sides are stunning. While I love the upbeat dancer "That's All She Left Me," the ballad is jaw-dropping. Whoever the McMillan Sisters are, they are quite talented.

Hope you dig these sides and I hope you haven't left yourself in a last-minute shopping predicament like I have done.

Crescents - "That's All She Left Me"

Crescents & McMillan Sisters - "Here You Come Again"

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ray Charles - "I Don't Need No Doctor"

I'm about to bust out of the concrete jungle and do a lil hiking. Once in a while a man needs to get back to nature. Before I do so I'm going to bring you a stormy little number from Mr. Ray Charles.

The last time Ben and I DJed he played this track and I immediately came to the booth to inquire. He told me it was a Ray Charles record. "No shit," I said. A week later I was flipping through a large and unruly stack of unsorted/uncleaned 45s I have and found the very same record. "No shit," I said. Although it's a little crispy sounding I don't really mind. Ray kills it on this number. Co-written by J. Armstead, a female Chicago based singer/songwriter who we've seen on here before. This is one of Ray's fiercest tunes that features the stormiest of rhythms and a top-notch horn arrangement. Come on, you know you're dancing ten seconds into it. Ray has got you hooked and now you need a little of his medicine.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dee Clark - It's Raining

Well, It hasn't stopped raining all day in New York. I hate the rain, under any circumstance. Obviously I understand its value but I can't help but feel great contempt for days like today where lethargy reigns. It does however give me a topical excuse to post this tune.

Dee Clark was a soul singer out of Chicago who record for Vee-Jay and later Constellation. The song however is a New Orleans tune, penned by Naomi Neville (not Leville) and originally performed, exceptionally, by Irma Thomas. Although the original is by far my favorite I really like Dee Clark's version. It's a different take on the song but still retains the intended sentiment.

I hope none of y'all are battling the elements but if you are may this song provide some comfort.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Joey Gilmore - "Do It To Me One More Time"

This is my favorite kind of record: relatively cheap (under the ten dollar mark) and completely killer. I haven't been able to try this out on the dance floor yet but I have a feeling it'll kill em. Such an interesting song that combines elements of funk, blues and employs latin influenced rhythm. It's got gritty organ, piano, and Joey has a spectacular voice to boot.

As far as I could gather Joey Gilmore is a Florida based blues guitarist who is still active. Here is a link to his myspace page: Joey Gilmore Blues Band. I hope he doesn't mind me posting this because the people need to hear this song! The flip to this record is pretty exceptional too so I might post that up eventually.

See you in a minute!