Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dee Clark - It's Raining

Well, It hasn't stopped raining all day in New York. I hate the rain, under any circumstance. Obviously I understand its value but I can't help but feel great contempt for days like today where lethargy reigns. It does however give me a topical excuse to post this tune.

Dee Clark was a soul singer out of Chicago who record for Vee-Jay and later Constellation. The song however is a New Orleans tune, penned by Naomi Neville (not Leville) and originally performed, exceptionally, by Irma Thomas. Although the original is by far my favorite I really like Dee Clark's version. It's a different take on the song but still retains the intended sentiment.

I hope none of y'all are battling the elements but if you are may this song provide some comfort.


  1. Joe
    Naomi Neville is a pseudonym for Allen Toussaint. I believe Neville was his mother's maiden name.

  2. Whoa, I definitely always assumed that Naomi was another member of the Neville family. Thanks for sharing that Larry.

  3. Definitely Toussaint's mother's maiden name. In the movie, "Piano Players Don't Usually Play Together", he's say's how he hoped that anything went wrong, his mother would get some money out of the deal. Thus, the pseudonym.

    Mr. Toussaint is not only a gentleman of high caliber, he's also a good son.