Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ray Charles - "I Don't Need No Doctor"

I'm about to bust out of the concrete jungle and do a lil hiking. Once in a while a man needs to get back to nature. Before I do so I'm going to bring you a stormy little number from Mr. Ray Charles.

The last time Ben and I DJed he played this track and I immediately came to the booth to inquire. He told me it was a Ray Charles record. "No shit," I said. A week later I was flipping through a large and unruly stack of unsorted/uncleaned 45s I have and found the very same record. "No shit," I said. Although it's a little crispy sounding I don't really mind. Ray kills it on this number. Co-written by J. Armstead, a female Chicago based singer/songwriter who we've seen on here before. This is one of Ray's fiercest tunes that features the stormiest of rhythms and a top-notch horn arrangement. Come on, you know you're dancing ten seconds into it. Ray has got you hooked and now you need a little of his medicine.

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  1. Joshie Armstead, Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson (yes, THAT Ashford and Simpson). Check out the cover by Humble Pie when you get a chance.