Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Jimmy & Eddie - Stop Think It Over

Sorry for the delay again, the proverbial pipeline of life has sent a substantial amount of bullshit my way. I'm not going to share my burdens with all of you for the sake of privacy and because that's not why you come here. You come here for good tunes.

I found this slab of Chicago funk at a record fair this past weekend along with a VERY nice stack of some heavy hitters i've been after for a while, all for an excellent price. I'm posting this up as a request I received via Facebook and also because I really like the tune. I'm not really sure about the details regarding who Jimmy and Eddie are, I only know that the record is a Chicago record. That soulful scream at the beginning of the song is a heavy one.

I'm also going to use today's post to speak about the dog my girlfriend and I are currently fostering. There's a little website up for her to tell her story and collect donations here. She's an extremely sweet dog and if you can help out at all it would definitely help her cause.

Thanks again for reading y'all. See you soon.