Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pat Kelly - If It Don't Work Out

There are two genres of forty-fives in which there are an abundance in NYC: Latin (Tico, Fania, Uptite, etc..) and Jamaican (ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub and so forth). Although North American Soul and Funk are what I primarily search out I'd be a fool not to take advantage of the massive wealth of Jamaican records that made their way to New York. I found this one today in Bed Stuy for three dollars. I bought it because I was familiar with a reggae version of "The Dark End of the Street" that Pat Kelly recorded. Luckily I wasn't disappointed. Kelly's voice is so seductive, especially on the track I'm posting. Like a Jamaican Sam Cooke or something, so smooth and controlled.

Hope this helps you all mellow out before another work-week.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

B(o)-Sides: Marilyn Barbarin - "Believe Me"

A consequence of life are constant distractions and disruptions. I've been experiencing a substantial amount of both as of recently, mostly do to work but also some heavier issues. So once again I apologize and to make it up to you I'm going to share a song with y'all that's a constant source of comfort for me.

Everyone knows Eddie Bo for penning and recording some of the finest funk tunes ever and some are privy to the fact that the flip sides of those records contain some very very sweet and deep ballads. The record I bring you today is one of his most sought after and for the good reason, the track "Reborn" is the most off-the-wall slightly gospel-tinged funk tracks you'll ever hear. It's the reason why the record is worth a good deal of money. The flip though, the side I'm posting, is a strangely melancholic sounding ballad with Marilyn Barbarin delivering a tremendous vocal performance on top of it all. If there was ever a song to fall in love with this is in. Perfect soundtrack for cool spring evenings. Hope you enjoy. I'll try and be a little more attentive to the blog.