Friday, February 18, 2011

Emanuel Lasky - "I Need Somebody"

My girl and I went out to dinner last night for a postponed Valentines Day date. She also took me to my favorite local record spot and bought me some records. This is one of them. She's been working on her out food-centric blog called Hammy On Rye.

Emanuel Lasky - "I Need Somebody"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lowell Fulsom - "Funky Broadway"

Seems like I've been digging up quite a bit of covers lately. Today is no exception. I present you with an absolutely bombastic cover of the Dyke & The Blazers funk classic "Funky Broadway." The original is noted as being the first song to include "Funky" in the title. It's also one of the original funk tunes, on the same page as "Cold Sweat," that paved the way for things funk that succeeded it.

The original, however classic and wonderful in its own right, can't hold a candle to Lowell's version. The original sentiment is kept but Lowell adds just enough to put it over the top. Some noticeable differences include: more prominent roll of the organ, dirtier and more raw production qualities specifically the tremendous amount of reverb on the drums and guitar tone, Lowell's blues-inflected voice that has a more grizzled quality compared to Christian's, and finally a CLASS horn arrangement that is slightly more sophisticated than the original. Info I've turned out indicates a 1970 release date on Lowell's version, which allowed a three year period for funk to develop and room for improvement on proto-funk songs for whomever should take on the task. I think you get that I really really like this version. Hope y'all dig, I'll see you soon!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Staple Singers - "Why? (Am I Treated So Bad)

This one's for Black History Month. It's also for Mavis Staples who won a Grammy tonight. Congrats Mavis!

One of my all time favorites.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gary and The Top Ten - "Think Nothing About It" b/w "Bootleg"

Here's what I know about this record: the A-side is a cover of a Curtis Mayfield penned tune originally performed by Gene Chandler, the b-side is a cover of a Booker T & The M.G.s tune. The label was based in Alabama and apparently produced by someone named Rick Moman. That's about it. I can't find much else about the group or the label. I do suspect that Rick Moman is either Chips Moman, Rick Hall, or the two of them had something to do with this record. What for sure I can't really say. Oh the other thing I know is, "Bootleg" is comprable to the original and slowly winning a spot as my favorite and "Think Nothing About It" absolutely destroys the original. Sorry Gene but those female vocal harmonies, the gentle organ, and the tremolo laden lead guitar push this version into the number one slot. An absolute low-rider anthem. If anyone has some info on the record please let me know.

*Also, something fishy is going on with my receiver which is why the recording of "Think Nothing..." gets a little wonky. I'm going to attempt to re-do it tomorrow. Hope you can deal. See y'all soon.

Gary Griffin & The Top Ten - "Think Nothing About It"

Gary Griffin & The Top Ten - "Bootleg"


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hugh Roy with Tommy McCook & the Supersonics - Flashing My Whip

This post marks a first for the blog and a new chapter in my unquenchable quest for new music and records. I've now begun the slow and wallet-crushing descent into buying rocksteady 45s. I've always been a fringe fan of the genre: I've owned a copy of The Harder They Come soundtrack for a long time and have regularly co-opted Toots and The Maytals as a summertime staple. Upon a recent trip to New Orleans I visited my favorite record store there (and in the entire United States of America out of all the ones I've been to). It's called Domino Sound Record Shack and it is an absolute imperative if you should ever find yourself in New Orleans. They carry an expansive selection of soul, funk, punk, metal, and rock 45s and LPs but their real bread and butter is Jamaican records. Owner Matt's knowledge of rocksteady, ska, reggae, dub, etc, etc is kind of overwhelming but fortunately he is a ridiculously humble dude who is willing to help you out if you're a lost puppy in the wide world of Jamaican music. Did I mention that his prices are RIDICULOUS, deals to be had all over the place. Alright, so that was my plug for a record store that has my unwavering support. Digressions aside, Matt hooked me up with a tape he made called "Prince Pauper's Rocksteady Revue" and the tune I'm posting today happened to be on it. After the first listen I became obsessed, and I really truly mean OBSESSED, with the song. Obviously as a consequence I had to find the record. Lucky for me it's relatively easy to track down and not very expensive (in the ten dollar range).

I'm by no means knowledge on the genre or the record so I'm just going to link you to the wikipedia post about Hugh Roy. I do however know that "Flashing My Whip" is an absolutely celebration of life. I could listen to this song on repeat and be in completely bliss. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. See y'all soon with more selections from my collection.

Two new sets from The Lost and Found

Hey y'all. I uploaded two new mixes from my last two visits to The Lost and Found sessions. I started using Mixcloud but if you want the files for download just contact me and I'll gladly send them to you. I'm going to post up a record later tonight. Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deloris Riley - Hey, Boy!

I'M BACK! I've temporarily rigged it so I can make posts again, I don't know how long it will last but hopefully until I can afford to buy a new computer or get my broken one fixed.

To make up for my prolonged absence I'm bringing you a true rarity. Rare in the record collecting world is a subjective concept: some base it on monetary value and others base it on whether a record or song is truly scarce. I believe this Deloris Riley record is a true rarity as it I've never seen another copy of it, don't know anyone else that has it, and to my knowledge, it's never been sold on eBay.

It's a totally killer New Orleans funk track, I'm guessing '70 here. Publishing rites belong to none other than Joe Banashak. I can't find any information other than that. I don't know who Deloris Riley was/is or if she had any other records and I don't know who Justin James was/is. Regardless, the song is an all out, low-down, filthy, wah-infected funk jam. Deloris' voice is killer too!

Hope y'all enjoy. I'll try and be back tomorrow with another tune.