Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lowell Fulsom - "Funky Broadway"

Seems like I've been digging up quite a bit of covers lately. Today is no exception. I present you with an absolutely bombastic cover of the Dyke & The Blazers funk classic "Funky Broadway." The original is noted as being the first song to include "Funky" in the title. It's also one of the original funk tunes, on the same page as "Cold Sweat," that paved the way for things funk that succeeded it.

The original, however classic and wonderful in its own right, can't hold a candle to Lowell's version. The original sentiment is kept but Lowell adds just enough to put it over the top. Some noticeable differences include: more prominent roll of the organ, dirtier and more raw production qualities specifically the tremendous amount of reverb on the drums and guitar tone, Lowell's blues-inflected voice that has a more grizzled quality compared to Christian's, and finally a CLASS horn arrangement that is slightly more sophisticated than the original. Info I've turned out indicates a 1970 release date on Lowell's version, which allowed a three year period for funk to develop and room for improvement on proto-funk songs for whomever should take on the task. I think you get that I really really like this version. Hope y'all dig, I'll see you soon!


  1. wow, just found your blog - you've got some great stuff on here! hope you don't mind but I've added a link over at scratchynoise.
    all the best,

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