Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gary and The Top Ten - "Think Nothing About It" b/w "Bootleg"

Here's what I know about this record: the A-side is a cover of a Curtis Mayfield penned tune originally performed by Gene Chandler, the b-side is a cover of a Booker T & The M.G.s tune. The label was based in Alabama and apparently produced by someone named Rick Moman. That's about it. I can't find much else about the group or the label. I do suspect that Rick Moman is either Chips Moman, Rick Hall, or the two of them had something to do with this record. What for sure I can't really say. Oh the other thing I know is, "Bootleg" is comprable to the original and slowly winning a spot as my favorite and "Think Nothing About It" absolutely destroys the original. Sorry Gene but those female vocal harmonies, the gentle organ, and the tremolo laden lead guitar push this version into the number one slot. An absolute low-rider anthem. If anyone has some info on the record please let me know.

*Also, something fishy is going on with my receiver which is why the recording of "Think Nothing..." gets a little wonky. I'm going to attempt to re-do it tomorrow. Hope you can deal. See y'all soon.

Gary Griffin & The Top Ten - "Think Nothing About It"

Gary Griffin & The Top Ten - "Bootleg"



  1. Look forward to glitch-free repost. Great record!

  2. What a wonderful 7". Thank you!

  3. The "Top Ten" were students from the University of Alabama 1966/67. My dad was the guitarist. It was the only recording they made, but it got airtime so that was cool.

  4. Hey, that's amazing! Thank you so much for shedding a little bit of light on the record. That video you posted is so awesome! Vintage Stax footage and footage of your dad and his bandmates touring in a stretch limo, incredible. Be sure to thank your dad for me, I play both sides of the record very often when I DJ.

  5. My father was the guitarist. it absolutely was the only documenting they made, however it obtained airtime to make sure that was cool.
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  6. My Dad is Gary Griffin, now living in Tuscaloosa where the band started.