Thursday, February 3, 2011

Deloris Riley - Hey, Boy!

I'M BACK! I've temporarily rigged it so I can make posts again, I don't know how long it will last but hopefully until I can afford to buy a new computer or get my broken one fixed.

To make up for my prolonged absence I'm bringing you a true rarity. Rare in the record collecting world is a subjective concept: some base it on monetary value and others base it on whether a record or song is truly scarce. I believe this Deloris Riley record is a true rarity as it I've never seen another copy of it, don't know anyone else that has it, and to my knowledge, it's never been sold on eBay.

It's a totally killer New Orleans funk track, I'm guessing '70 here. Publishing rites belong to none other than Joe Banashak. I can't find any information other than that. I don't know who Deloris Riley was/is or if she had any other records and I don't know who Justin James was/is. Regardless, the song is an all out, low-down, filthy, wah-infected funk jam. Deloris' voice is killer too!

Hope y'all enjoy. I'll try and be back tomorrow with another tune.


  1. Thank you _very_ much for sharing this lovely song - a lesser person would just gloat that they own it ;-)

  2. I'd rather share it than brag about it! I'm glad you dig.

  3. Nice to see you back.

    Quite a few of the Instants are tough to find. Is this one rarer than some of the other obscure issues? I really couldn't say, and doubt anyone else could either. As you mentioned, rarity is often subjective.

    It's true you don't see this record that often, but it's around. I know at least one copy was offered on Ebay earlier this year, and I saw another in a shop last summer. Not to gloat, but perhaps you can guess why I didn't buy it?

  4. Ana, it blows my mind that records like this one could be floating around in NoLA and somehow have still not made their way into the collections of people outside the city. Why didn't you pick the record up when you saw it?