Sunday, December 19, 2010

Crescents - "That's All She Left Me" & "Here You Come Again"

I'm sitting here at my desk finishing the last bit of coffee and writing this post while simultaneously putting off all of the Christmas shopping I need to accomplish today. You may ask why I'm torturing myself in this manner. Well, the record I'm posting is just too good to hold onto any longer. It's also kind of a mystery to me so I'm hoping to gain some information from y'all.

This is obviously a New Orleans record: it's on Watch, both songs are written by Earl King, both songs are arranged by Big Wardell, and the group is call Crescents. I want to know if this is the same group that released a record on Seven B, my instincts tell me it is. However I can't seem to find any information on them. Regardless both sides are stunning. While I love the upbeat dancer "That's All She Left Me," the ballad is jaw-dropping. Whoever the McMillan Sisters are, they are quite talented.

Hope you dig these sides and I hope you haven't left yourself in a last-minute shopping predicament like I have done.

Crescents - "That's All She Left Me"

Crescents & McMillan Sisters - "Here You Come Again"


  1. I know nothing, except that I like! :-)

  2. That's very nice Joe. Never heard of it before, but I'll be looking for it now!

  3. Obviously a London/Parrot subsidiary, but I don't think I've ever heard or seen the label before...musta not got a lot of these in the promo piles up north in Upstate New York back then or I probably would have seen the label once or twice. Just DL'ed it and am looking forward to a listen after this checking my RSS feeds and picking what I want today. Thanks!

  4. Yeah, this is the same group who did a record with Eddie Bo on Seven B. Watch wasn't a subsidiary of London/Parrot, that company simply distributed this version of the 45. There's another local New Orleans Watch pressing with an all yellow label.

    Although I occasionally see info around implying that Watch was owned by Earl King and Wardell Quezergue, it was in fact owned by Joe Assunto [possibly along with Quezergue?] who was the brother-in-law of Joe Ruffino, owner of the Ric and Ron labels.

    Nice find Joe!, the record's not that common.