Monday, May 24, 2010

You know it hurts to lose

I picked this up during a recent trip to Richmond along with a massive amount of quality quality stuff, which I've only gone through about a quarter of at this point. This is my favorite out of what I have gone through already and I felt the need to digitize and put up on the interwebs.

Sterling Harrison is actually a Richmond native who moved to NYC at some point. Although never gaining any major commercial success he released a handful of 45s and an LP that fetches some serious digits. This being the only piece of his output I have/have heard I'm definitely a fan based on it. It's a seriously smooth funk track with some delicious Hammond B3 that carries the rhythm quite well. The backup singers are solid. The guitar is twangy and raucous. Finally, Harrison's voice tops it all off with his blend of soulful, and at times raspy, vocals. It's a solid tune. The song is credited to Joe Richardson who played guitar in The Shirelles, if it's the same Joe Richardson. Pretty sweet. Hope you enjoy.


  1. Damn...never heard it before, now I need it very badly.

    Not that it'll up your traffic that much, but I'm gonna give your blog a plug. You're doing nice things over here.


  2. Yea, this was a new one to me but I fell in love with it immediately. If i come across another I'll scoop it for you.

    Thanks! Any kind of arrow sign pointing this way would be amazing.