Friday, May 28, 2010

I never laugh when jokes are told

I'm now in the process of retroactively going through records I've bought within the past couple months and giving them really good listens. I found this one in my boxes today when I was filing away other, newer, purchases and I couldn't believe it slipped past me.

I really can't find much info on Jerry Jackson other than he has a fairly stout selection of Northern Soul sides, some of which go for some serious loot (I got this for a dollar but I'm not really sure what it goes for since no copies have popped up on CF, eBay, or popsike). If anyone could provide some more substantial information on Mr. Jackson please leave it in a comment.

Anyway, this song rips really hard. It's definitely rooted in a classic No. Soul sound but there is some funky elements creeping in: a raw sounding production, lots of abrupt stops and starts, and some pretty funky sounding drums. I love this one, hope ya'll enjoy it.

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  1. hello joe, i know nothing about this kinda music, other than the obvious. for now, ill take it from you. this song is cool. i like the drum beats here. lots of bounce.