Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ayúdame! Cash McCall - "S.O.S."

Yo necisito trabajo. I need help finding a job since my job search has produced not one single call back. Anyone in the New York City area know of some jobs, any job, please get in touch!

The song I bring you today is another man's (Cash McCall) desperation in the form of a powerful Soul/Gospel ballad. The music and composition is exemplary, featuring a rolling guitar riff, some sweet organ, and horns that build gradually until punctuating the song with an amazing horn line. The highlight is Cash's vocals which are mostly a Gosepl-esque spoken word style with a few soulful screams interspersed. You can taste the despair in his voice when he souls out words and phrases. Amazing stuff.

I can't find too much info on Cash other than he lived in Chicago and did some time in the Gospel Soulbirds, which apparently featured Otis Clay as well, and had a single on One-derful called "Earth Worm." Eventually he became a session guitarist at Chess, which is when this single came out. He had an LP on Paula in '73 called "Omega." That's an oversimplified version of this man's life and it's best to just let the song do the talking...

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