Sunday, April 11, 2010

Italian American Soul singer...wut?

As an Italian American I feel proud to share this with you all. I acquired this killer Dean Parrish 45 in a collection of some Northern Soul bonzers I bought. This is by far my favorite out of that lot of records and has gained consistant spins since it found its way into my boxes. Parrish had a couple of minor hits, this probably being the most minor of them all from information I've gathered, but is noted from having his track "I'm on My Way" to be the last record spun at the Wigan Casino.
The track I have up is "Skate PT. 1." First of all the actual label design for Boom might be my favorite of all time, simple and creative. The track itself is a bomb with a heavy beat, a piano track that moves the song along with a comfortable speed and a bass line that absolutely bounces. The call and response part of the song is my favorite along side the drum breaks. I hope you dig this one. If anyone has any other Dean Parrish 45's they'd be willing to part with please get in touch.

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