Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Grab Life by the Horns

Isaac Hayes and Dave Porter will forever hold a spot in my heart as one of my all time favorite songwriting teams. They've churned out over 200 singles, some of which were monster hits ("Soul Man," "When Somethings Wrong With My Baby," and "B-A-B-Y" just to name a few). I thought I had heard almost every Stax-era Sam and Dave track until I uncovered this scorcher of a B-side the other day while doing a little local digging. This 45, "Born Again" b/w "Get It," was apparently the last single that Hayes and Porter turned out at the Stax studios. Going out with a bang is an understatement here. The song "Get It" has all the marks of a Hayes and Porter classic (memorable horn melodies, jangley guitar rhythms, hard staccato piano line, and Sam and Dave's trademark howls to top it all off). There are a few things that stood out to me on this track: First is the epic horn break in the middle of the song and the ascending build up that follows, it comes out of nowhere but fits perfectly and Second is the completely fuzzed out solo at the end that had to be the work of Hayes. This kind of guitar work is atypical of Hayes and Porter's Stax era work but it completely and totally rips. The track has so much energy, hope you dig it.

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