Thursday, July 15, 2010

You turned a breeze into a hurricane.

I think we need to cool things down in here (and in NYC) after the other day's post. I have just the thing: a funky tune from Chicago's Ruby Andrews called "You Ole Boo Boo You." Out of all the 45's I have of Andrews this track is my favorite. This one was released later in her career, in '71 I believe, and is without a doubt the best representation of her talent as a singer. The track is a lot funkier than her earlier releases, some of which are Northern Soul favorites.

The music backing Andrews has some serious swagger, it's just plain badass. At first I though that horn accenting on the chorus was a sax but I'm 99% sure it's a harmonica. It has to be. I love the fact that a harmonica was implemented on such a funky tune, it adds a slight bluesy vibe to the song that takes it to an even higher level of badassness. I definitely dig this one, hope ya'll do too.


  1. This SO kicks ass! Thank you!!

  2. Hey, thanks! First real stranger to leave me a comment! Glad you dig it.