Monday, July 12, 2010

Back with a serious bang: Marvelle & The Blue Mats "The Dance Called The Motion"

I'm back, kind of at least. Still working on getting the apartment together between working two jobs and trying to continue my lifestyle as a man of leisure at least part time. I've rigged it so I can temporarily make posts using stolen internet from a unknown and generous neighbor of mine and unfortunately I've been forced to revert back to using the camera on my computer to take pictures of the records until I get a scanner rigged. Most importantly though my method of converting records to mp3s is the same and excellent as always.

I'm coming back with a serious heater. This track isn't any particularly un-charted territory and a quick google search will reveal a handful of blogs, forums and mixes featuring the track. All that doesn't change how out of control the song is. There are funk songs that make you want to dance and then there are funk songs that make you want to dance so hard you bust through the floor, this happens to be one of those. The song starts with a monster drum break and a exuberant count from Marvelle until it explodes into a tremendous groove lead by a genius sax line. The sax solo mid way through the song is amazing and the drummer playing like crazy on the ride cymbal, so damn awesome. The record consistently fetches some serious dough on eBay, lucky for me I found this copy, which other than the label is in absolutely dead mint condition, for real real cheap while in New Orleans. Hope ya'll dig this one.


  1. Ultra nice score....glad you had a good time in nola ville.

    Hopefully I'll be in town next time.


  2. Best time ever in nola! Already planning on coming back. Next time, if you're around, we have to chow on muffalettas and hunt for records.