Friday, July 30, 2010

Funky Fridays: G.L. Crockett - "Watch My 32"

It's the end of the work week, for most at least, and we all need to get just a tiny bit funky to prepare for the weekend. I'm bringing you a ominous little slab of funk that I picked up in NoLA (thanks NoLA). The artist is G.L. Crockett, short lived singer whose discography spans just four 45s. The song is "Watch My 32," a promissory message from Crockett that you better not forget about him and his 32. The lyrics are an explicit response to some of his contemporaries: J.R. Walker and The Sharpees.

This song is so damn killer and I don't understand how it isn't talked about more frequently and why it doesn't really go for any serious dollars. The song literally starts out with a blast, immediately you're shot in the head with the drums and a blaring sax solo. The guitar immediately falls in with a staccato-laden riff that is nothing short of hypnotizing, this continues as the song evolves around the riff all the while G.L. croons his cautionary note to watch your back. There's a haunting quality to G.L.'s voice that hovers of the song like a ghost. I'm a huge fan of this one and I hope y'all can dig it too. Enjoy the week and I'll be back soon with some more jams.

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