Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Two-for-Tuesday: Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces featuring Chico - "Try My Love" & "Go Ahead and Burn"

First off I went to express my deep grief upon hearing the news regarding the loss of original Big Star bassist Andy Hummel, and only four months after Alex Chilton passed away. Big Star's influence over rock and roll often goes unspoken but it's undeniably substantial. The band's influence on my life has been larger and more important than any other single musician or band. Another terrible loss.

On a more upbeat (literally) note I'm bringing you two smokin' tunes coming straight out of 1966 from Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces featuring Chico. The group released a plethora of quality singles, with "Hey Mr DJ" often being considered the pinnacle of their discography. I beg to differ though as I present you with today's two-sider with the tracks "Try My Love Again" and "Go Ahead and Burn."

I don't care what you tell me, "Try My Love Again" is a reggae song. Everything about the track boasts the characteristics of mid-to-late 60's reggae, the only difference is Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces were from Georgia and not Jamaica. I happen to think this is an outstanding tune and could have probably fit somewhere on "The Harder They Come" soundtrack. I love the completely off beat drums at a minute into the track. Great tune

The other side is just as killer. A very funky dance track called "Go Ahead and Burn." The song churns about in a slow and smokey way with very minimal instrumentation and vocals. This two-sider is a great example of the band's ability to slip in-and-out of different styles while still maintaining a vibe that's all their own.

"Try My Love Again"

"Go Ahead and Burn"

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