Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Post swap: Ana from The Singing Bones!

Today Ana from The Singing Bones and I are swapping posts, here's what she has to say:

I'm in New York! [not really]. Joe and I just thought it would be fun to switch places today. 

I consider NYC to be my third home. I went to school there, lived one street south of 125th on the west side. Absolutely, the city broadened my horizons, but ya know at the same time, parts of it really did feel like home. I doubt most folks know this, but there's an inner city New Orleans accent which sounds quite a lot like Brooklynese. 

Anyway, I meant to post a "New York record" today, but truth is, I had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted.  So, instead I've got something on a Chicago label. Make sense? I didn't think so.

Although this 45 is credited solely to Wylie Dixon, it's actually the first recording by the duo Simtec & Wylie.....issued a year before the partnership 'officially' began.

These guys are totally fascinating. Wylie Dixon came from a hard-core gospel background [the Highway QC's!!!] and then formed a band called Wylie Dixon and The Big Wheels [which included James Carr!!!].

Simtec Simmons was a pioneer of the drum machine, putting out records under the names, Simtec and The Mechanical Monster, and...Computer and The Little Fooler [probably my fave band name ever].

Together, Dixon and Simmons formed a great Sam and Dave type duo, ultimately issuing 10 or 12 singles and an album. And then, when they broke up, the band continued on as the great, Southside Movement [!!!].

Seriously, it's like you can't buy anything associated with these artists, together or separately, that isn't, at the least, very very interesting.


Make sure you head over to Ana's blog, The Singing Bones, to check out the my post as well as all the killer tunes she has to offer.


  1. Thanks Ana for turning me onto this blog. Great stuff here!

  2. Great post and great Blog! I'll sure be coming back.