Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let yo'self be free, give all your love to me.

Here's a very slick number from Bill Johnson on the Jocida label. Bill Johnson comes from the duo, Sam and BIll. This is one of his few solo sides. From what I can tell there are only two other releases on Jocida. Whatever the story is the song is killer.

It's the kind of song you except to hear in a smoke filled dive bar just before a fight, or a dance, or something dramatic is about to happen. Bill's smooth vocals are pretty reserved until he belts out a soulful scream at the end of the song. I love the piano in this song, it carries the tune along quit nicely.

Hope ya dig it. Let me know if you have more info about this record.



  2. Awesome. That is insightful. I'd like to get my hands on Bill's other release on Jocida, one of the sides song-writing credit apparently goes to Lou Courtney.