Saturday, August 21, 2010

Funky DJ: Live set from my first DJing experience!

Hello friends! I'm back with a special little surprise. This past Tuesday I went down to the Lost & Found Soul Night @ Savalas in Williamsburg to spin an hour of 45s. I was invited by Jared (JBX) from Big City Records, he's one of the fellows running the night for the past five years. Each week he, Chris, and DJ Boogieman spin their records and then there is a guest or two who gets to spin for an hour or so each. I shared the the guest spotlight with Tariq, an extremely amiable dude who hails from New Orleans and who subsequently dropped some serious bombs. I was a little nervous about the whole thing but that was quickly calmed by the supportive nature of the the event. Seriously, I can't recall an atmosphere and a group of people as supportive as Jared and the Lost and Found crew. It's a good feeling to know there are people out there who are willing to give you a chance and not just scoff at some new cat or pull the pretentious card that the city of New York seems to hand out to ever douche bag that comes along. Digression aside, the whole experience was uplifting, informative, supportive, and just downright fun as hell. Playing your favorite songs loud as hell for some strangers and friends (shout outs to my girl Steph, Kev, R. Samis, and Brittany for coming to watch and hear) to hear is an enriching experience.

Fortunately they record all the sets at Lost & Found and I got a copy from Jared yesterday. I'm posting up an mp3 of my set, recorded live with all original 45s spun by yours truly. Some of the songs maybe obvious and overdone but it's all shit I truly love and wanted to share with others. I hope y'all like my selections. Peace to y'all.


Roger & The Gypsies - Pass The Hatchet Pt. 1 - Seven B
Lou Courtney - Rubber Neckin' (Chick Check'n) - Verve
Seeds of Life - The Whole Things Pt. 1 - Sedgrick
The Gaturs - Hunk of Funk - Gatur
Chuck Carbo - Can I Be Your Squeeze? - Fireball
Hank Ballard - How You Gonna Get Respect (When You Haven't Cut Your Process Yet?) - King
Hank & Claude Carbo - Fox In A Miniskirt - Castle Records
Joe Tex - You're Right, Ray Charles - Dial
Jay Dee Bryant - Get It - Enjoy
G.L. Crockett - Watch My 32 - 4 Brothers
Eddie Bo - Hook and Sling Pt. 1 - Scram
Marvelle & The Blue Mats - The Dance Called The Motion - Dynamic Sound Records
Roy Ward - Horse With A Freeze Pt. 3 - Seven B
Obie Plenty - Beef Stew - Verve
The Moon People - Land of Love - Speed
Lee Dorsey - Give It Up - Amy
Professor Longhair - Big Chief Pt. 1 - Watch
Irma Thomas - We Won't Be In Your Way Anymore - Canyon
Oliver Morgan - The La La Man - Seven B
The Dapps ft. Alfred Ellis - There Was a Time - King
The Endeavors - I Know You Don't Want Me - Stop
The Meters - Ease Back - Josie
Solomon Burke - Get Out My Life Woman - Atlantic
Dyke and The Blazers - Let a Woman be a Woman - Original Sound
Gunga Din - Crabcakes - Valise



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  2. Shoot. Your bandwidth allowance is used up. Hopefully the file will be back up soon.

    Not that I've ever done such a thing, but I've heard tell it's possible to open multiple accounts. For that matter, might be worth your while to look into megaupload for larger files.

    Nice hearing your stuff pumped out on a club system, ain't it? Smart to take a crew with you. I figure if I can get my girlfriends dancing, others will follow.

  3. Larry, I'm stoked you like it! That's extremely encouraging coming from you, someone whose DJ reputation I highly respect and whose sets I've digitally paid close attention to.

    Perrata, I love that track so much. The energy on that song is through the roof.

    Ana, I fixed the bandwith problem using the solution you suggested. I don't know why I never thought to just use two accounts but I think that should be a fairly permanent resolution unless I started getting like 1,000 hits a day, which is unlikely.

    So awesome to play your favorite songs loud as hell, it's a totally different experience than just listening at home. It's similar to sharing on a blog only louder and you look more badass behind a DJ booth than a lap top. When I come down to NoLA can we do a night together?