Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's a groovy groovy thing, the call of the wild

Been sittin' on this one for minute. I picked this up just based on the fact it's arranged and produced by Allen Toussaint and the song shares its name with one of my favorite books, I had no idea who Dan Patrick was when I purchased the record for $3.00. The reason for not putting this song up sooner is because I was trying to find some, any, information on who Dan Patrick was or is. I turned up absolutely nothing. No copies of the record have turned up on eBay since I purchased this one, no blogs (as far as I know) have ever featured this track, and there is absolutely no information about the record other than it was released in 1967. I wish I knew more because this song rips so unbelievably hard. Kind of odd for a Toussaint production, no? If any of my readers (do I have readers?) have some leads please post 'em up.


  1. Joe
    I'm a huge Toussaint fan and I've never heard of this one. The guy sounds like a white rocker, and there were a couple of white artists on Sansu (Art Sir Van and a girl singer I can't remember right now). Cool record!

  2. Hey, just found your blog. Man, this song rips. Amazing how little (no) information is out on the Google re: Dan Patrick. Would love to hear an update if you ever discover anything.

  3. Hi there
    Have just tried listening to this track but unfortunately it cuts out after 19 seconds. Any chance of you reloading it please?
    Many thanks in advance