Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A good woman yeah, to stand by my side.

I feel slightly embarrassed that I've yet to feature any PENN-OLDHAM tunes on here. I've been kind of avoiding it because all the ones I love seem obvious at times and although I'm not trying to be obscure for the sake of any kind of pretentiousness I just prefer to feature songs that are less accesible.

For those who aren't familiar with who Dan Penn and Spencer Oldham are it's very likely you're familiar with some of the songs they've written. The songwriting duo are responsible for some of the most exemplary songs in the American pop music songbook, some which include but are certainly not limited to: "Dark End of the Street" (actually Chips Moman and Penn but I'm including anything that one or the other or both have credit for), "Do Right Woman" (again Moman & Penn), "Cry Like a Baby," and "I'm Your Puppet" just to name a couple. The two, collectively and individually, helped define the Muscle Shoals sound and to me represent the absolute best in American Soul music, hell the studio they did their best work in was Chip Moman's American Sound Studio in Memphis.

Spencer Wiggins seems to have been lost for the most part in the flurry of Memphis singers during the golden age. Comparatively you don't hear his name too often despite his capabilities as a singer that are equal to or rival the best of his contemporaries. This song is a perfect example. Even in the year of its release, 1967, it failed to make charts although Laura Lee's version on Chess hit the charts as well as Solomon Burke's. His performance is just as good as any James Carr had to offer and yet somehow his name has been lost over the years.

I hope ya'll like this one.

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