Sunday, June 20, 2010

And we gonna second line, we gonna have a good time time time.

Goin' to New Orleans, BRB. Sadly I regret to inform you there will probably be no posts for another week and possibly up to two weeks. I'm taking a trip to NoLA and then moving my girlfriend's stuff as well as my own into our new apartment in Bushwick. Things will be a little hectic for a bit. Good news is I plan on procuring tons and tons of records in New Orleans and Richmond, most of which will sooner or later make it to this blog for all y'alls listening pleasure.

In honor of my journey I bring you two sides from an Earl King cut that I happen to absolutely love. According to The Singing Bones these songs were from a session that involved Earl, Allen Toussaint and The Meters (how's that for some a-game shit). The session was originally slated to go to LP but wound up being ditched with only a handful of singles ever being released. Fortunately this is one of them. These should do the trick and compel you to clap your hands and dance like an uninhibited maniac. Zigaboo's drumming alone, whoooooooooooooooo hot damn. Hope y'all like these two and I'll catch you when I return and I shall return.

Earl King - Street Parade Pt. 1

Earl King - Street Parade Pt. 2

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