Sunday, April 19, 2009

Romance From Down Under.

This was at the request of Timothy Paul, and it's a good one. The Scientists are one of the best things to come out of Australia (see also; The Saints and Victims). The band has a rather extensive catalog of releases, but this one, their first single, is the gold cup winner.

Before I talk about the music I'd like to talk about the sleeve for this record as it is probably my favorite design for cover, and back cover, art. All I can really say is in the form of a question -- have you ever seen anything as fucking cool as this shit?
Onto the music...

A Side includes the song "Frantic Romantic" and there's not much I can really say about this one other than it maybe one of the most well written rock/pop songs in the history of rock. The riff that opens the song seamlessly carries the song to the end. It is honestly one of my favorite riffs ever, it's so simply but unbelievably infectious. The chorus is the perfect manifestation of raging teenage hormones, "I'm a frantic romantic in a romantic world" as Kim Salmon boldly testifies, is something everyone can relate to at some point. The solo in the song sings all on it's own, it fits so flawlessly into the song that it almost seems like another chorus. This song will leave you humming along for days, so good.

B Side is the jam "Shake (Together Tonight)". This song is undeniably punk, it's basically two chords the whole damn but it doesn't matter because the hooks are so damn good. Another primal rock anthem pleading for some hot shaking and if you possess any kind of human spark you'll find yourself tapping along to the song or possibly in an all out dance fest.

I love this record.

The Scientists - "Frantic Romantic" b/w "Shake (Together Tonight)"

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  1. OMG - used to punk out with my buddy Ross Hansen - who I am really sad to say is no longer with us - to The Scientists at an ancient pub in East Perth that in later years was derelict for a decade before it was demolished. Just found this review and then this link - - at the same time. Its such a great track.