Thursday, April 16, 2009

Power poppin' pills.

I picked this record up on a whim during a trip to Double Decker recently. I knew nothing about the band, song or record but there were a few factors that drew me to making the purchase (which I paid I think close to $40 dollars for, although I just saw that this was reissued like a week ago or something oh well); 1. The bright dayglo decidedly 80's looking sleeve, they don't make 'em as obnoxious as this anymore 2. The incredibly cute girl on the cover sporting the microphone (I'm a dude, sue me) and finally 3. A songwriting credit to Paul Collins (The Nerves, The Beat, Paul Collins Beat, and ultimate purveyor of power pop). Luckily this purchase was not in vain as these two songs absolutely rip.

Side A is a teenage girl's lament about wanting a boy to come over because she has "itchy hot pants." Singer Marcy Marcs knows exactly what she wants and she is not afraid to go after it. The music sounds like a Paul Collins jam and like most of his other songs it blazes through in just under 2 minutes. The song has some massive hooks and an infectious vocal melody that'll leave you singing for days

Side B is yet another song where Marcy declares her desire and willingness to commit herself to obtaining what she wants. This jam comes in staccatoed bursts and has some basic punk hooks and riffs, it's not as memorable as the A side but it's definitely up to par and rips just as hard.


Mn'M's - "I'm Tired" b/w "Knock Knock Knock"

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