Sunday, October 3, 2010

DJ Hambone (aka Me) live set from Lost & Found 09/28/2010

Here's my set from Lost and Found this past Tuesday. Almost everything on here came from my trip to New Orleans. Hope you dig these tunes. Internet connection my apartment is non-existant so I'm posting this from the local coffee shop. Unfortunately I can't recall what two of the records I played are and those are marked with question marks. As soon as I get home I'll look them up and fill in the blanks. I'll be back soon with some more featured 45s. Be well!

Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got Reasons (Power Pac)
Willard Burton & The Funky Four - Funky In Here (Capitol)
Betty Harris - Ride Your Pony (Sansu)
Honey & The Bees - Why Do You Want To Hurt The One You Love (Arctic)
Billy McGregor - Fall Down On My Knees (Flash)
Evie Sands - You've Got Me Uptight (Blue Cat)
The Enchanting Enchanters - Boss Action (BenMoKeith)
James Rivers - Let's Live (Eight Ball)
Charlene P.M. - Loving You (FW)
Lee Moses - Got That Will (Maple Leaf)
Bobby Rush - Done Got Me Good PT. 2 (Sedgrick)
Chris Kenner - All Night Rambler Pt. 1 (Instant)
Charles Mintz - Give a Man a Break (Uplook)
Ernie Hines - Were Gonna Party (USA Records)
Tommy Ridgley - I Want Some Money Baby (Johen)
Bobby McClure - Love's Coming Down (Klondike)
Eddie Bo - Can You Handle It (Bo-Sound)
Cody Black - Going Going Gone (Ram Brock)
Mel Hueston - Double Confusion (Chanson)
Diamond Joe - Hurry Back To Me (Sansu)
Doug Anderson - Hey Mama Here Comes The Preacher (Janus)


  1. That copy of "Boss Action"is a serious find.

    And dude, if you don't post "I Won't Cry [I'll Just Laugh Myself To Death]" I'll be seriously disappointed. Who cares if it's not Eddie Bo related? It's a major league jaw dropper of a tune.

  2. Actually, I should have said, "Boss Action" is a VERY serious find. Did you have to use a gun?

  3. Oh, no guns were needed for the acquisition of that baby. I knew where to get my hands on a stock copy for a very fair price. I'll post that side for you this week or next week. I'm planning to come back in Feb and you better be 'round!

  4. Good timing, as usual.

    I'll be in town, but I'll be nine months pregnant. I'm due in late Feb.

  5. Well my timing is just ridiculously poor. That's good news though! A youngin for you to introduce good music to, he/she will be the coolest kid around. Well if it somehow works out maybe the gods will allow our minds to meet.