Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lee Dorsey - A Lover Was Born.

Quick little news for ya'll. I'm heading down to New Orleans for Ponderosa Stomp and to celebrate my pop's 50th birthday. Going to be on the hunt for some serious platters again. If any of ya'll are going to be down there holler at me and maybe we can say what's up. I might even get a table to sell some stuff at the record fair.

First Lee Dorsey record I'm posting was the first on my want list for a while now. The first time I heard this tune I was in my buddy Tim's car and it came on his ipod. At first it sounded like a Chuck Berry or Marty McFly standard then those drums came in and I think I literally said "Holy shit" out loud. I immediately resolved myself to finding a copy, and for a while it was one of the only Lee Dorsey Amy 45s I didn't have, but I discovered that tracking this one down was a little tricky. It almost never pops up on eBay, I didn't find it when I was in New Orleans, and had never seen it anywhere out digging. Today all my dreams came true when I pulled it out of a gentleman's box at DJ Shakey's 45 only fair. Satisfaction is mine.

This may be an obvious one for some of you but that doesn't take away from how ridiculously PERFECT this track is. In my opinion it's Lee Dorsey's finest and certainly one of Toussaint's best. Hope y'all dig this one as hard as I do.


  1. My plans are still very shaky around the Stomp. I'll drop ya a line.

    I agree about the tune, it's perfect. Funny how some of the Dorsey stuff is harder to find than you might think. I'm still looking for a copy of "Neighbors Daughter" and only within the last couple of months have scored a copy of "Give It Up".


    Check out Lord Finesse: the slick brother with a fade and a half-moon.

  3. Ana, you better get that inline and get yourself to New Orleans while I'm there! We gotta hang and scoop some records.

    Holly, I agree.

    Tim, that song is so good.

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